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“George did a great job assisting us in buying our home from out of state. We have moved many times over the years and have been through the home buying process many times as well. Consequently, we know just what we want in a Realtor. We want someone who listens to what we want, and not tell us what they like. We want someone who is knowledgeable and gives us his honest opinion, even if it’s not what we want to hear. We want someone who pays attention to details and doesn’t let things fall through the cracks. And, we want someone with the temperament to keep things together, even when they don’t go perfectly. George has all of these qualities, and they make him a valuable resource during the entire process. He helped to make this move much easier on our family than it otherwise could have been. I highly recommend him for any real estate business!”

Mark B @ Falconhead West

“Sometimes the real estate market can cause a buyer to wait several months, perhaps longer, before the right house comes along.  George Wang will be there for you, no matter how long it takes.  I can personally attest to his diligence and professionalism and would be happy to have worked with him even without the 2% commission rebate that I received.  We live in an incredible time in which a motivated and discerning person can do his or her own due diligence for any significant purchase.  I do not need someone to hold my hand.  If you are like me, I highly recommend George (and if you are reading this, you likely are).  I would happily work with him again! .”

Andrew K.@Crestview

“When George was referred to me by a friend of mine, the only thing I knew about him was 2% rebate. At the time. I had an prejudice that high rebate means less service. It turned out that I was totally wrong. George provided all the help I needed to find the property that fits me and my family best. He had outstanding negotiation skills and strategies. Thanks to his hard work, I was able to reach an agreement with the seller at the lowest possible price. Besides, he gave me suggestions in many aspects such as loan application, future house maintenance and decoration. He did many things for me to successfully close out the transaction.

His service was far beyond my expectation. I am very grateful. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a real property and I already did so.”

S.W.@Western Oaks

“I was a first time home buyer and I called some agents I found online or recommended by friends, but George Wang was the only one responded quickly and patiently walked me through some basic knowledge about buying a house and how to work with agents. Plus, I have to say his 2% commission rebate is a very good deal that agent rarely give these days, which saved us about $8000 in our closing deal.

Soon I had him showed me the first house that I was very interested in. He is very knowledgeable about what to pay attention to the details of a house and very patient with every questions I throw to him. I have learned a lot about house purchase from him. We looked several houses during our searching, George gave very rational advice and balanced evaluation to the houses we looked at, about buying price, resell value, conditions and location of the house, etc.

When close to contract negotiation, George was able to get us price cut from defects found through out the house by inspection. He is usually very quick in responding emails and preparing paperwork so very much of our contract processing is done electronically and efficiently. He was in constant touch with the seller’s agent and was able to win us the contract among several other offers made to the seller.

Now my purchase is closed, and I thank George for his outstanding service and dedicated profession as an real estate agent. ”

David D.@Balcones Oaks


“When I landed in Austin from Boston, I knew nobody there. However, faced with the sky-rocketing housing price
and pressure from family, I know I need to buy a house ASAP. House purchasing is never a sweet process, for me
it is more challenging. Even at this internet age, doing research by my own is still not sufficient enough as having an eligible agent.

Fortunately, I knew George at that very moment. George’s background is engineering, which cultivated him a logical mind and good reasoning capability. Or maybe he was born with it(?) Who knows…Anyway, after chewing my ideas on the housing or some insane complaints or even despair on this housing market, he used his unique calm tone, throwing out his opinions with data to build up my confidence in finding a proper house in this area. Then the following house-searching process proved that he was an excellent agent, giving me his professional suggestions but never pushy. He also helped me a lot in the price bargaining process with the builder. Without him, we might not settle down so easily in Austin area.

Y. L.@Behrens


“George is a fantastic guy. He gives 2% rebate which saved us quite some money when we purchased our house. In addition to this, George is the greatest agent I have ever met. He spent hours for showing us the houses, and gave tremendous advices. And while closing, he communicated to every parties, and responded very quickly. Without him, I cannot imagine what it would be like to purchase our house from Fannie Mae.

I will tell everyone that how great George is! Strongly recommend George! He does things above and beyond!!”

Jane Y.@Spicewood


“George was the buyer agent for our resent home purchase. The house was hit by a hail storm after the option period. George worked with us for the whole negotiation with seller and insisted to have the damage inspected by insurance, The roof was eventually replaced before the closing. George worked very hard for our interests and was very persistent. He showed his knowledge and experience during the whole process. I highly recommend George for anyone who is looking to buy home at Austin.”

Julia S. @Westlake


“Looking back it is still hard to believe that I have bought a house. A house I am so emotionally attached. From the exterior to the interior, from the front yard to the back, I like my house. All is credited to George.

As a first time home buyer, I knew nothing about real estate. George walked me through step by step. He was considerate and thoughtful. He answered every question with patience no matter how silly the question might be. Together we visited so many houses that sometimes I even felt he was more patient than me. He was honest and detail-oriented. He pointed out every aspect about the house he noticed no matter it was good or bad. He was responsible and reliable. He stood with me and did his best on my behalf. Working with George, what I was rewarded was not only a house, a rebate but also a true friend.”

ZW @ Western Oaks


“One of my co-workers referred George Wang to me and I am surprised that I can get 2% commission rebate from him even though he has already showed me more than 5 times and each time it takes at least 2 hours.  I am totally satisfy with his service.  He always can quickly reply my emails, show the houses at my convenient time, and prepare the contracts at the same day I sent out the request.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a real property in Austin.”

Z.Y.@Loma Vista


“George Wang was referred to me by one of my co-workers and I was extremely satisfied working with him. Right from the first conversation we had about buying a property, he was very attentive and responsive even he rebated us 50% of the agent commission during the closing. He worked well with us and the listing agent in negotiating the final price for the property. Through the entire process, I genuinely felt he had my best interest in mind.

It was a pleasure working with him and I will most definitely refer him to my friends and co-workers.”

Julia@Canyon Creek

“George helped me bought my house in May. My budget is limited and so are my choices. George is very patient in helping me locating the areas I want to look. Also, he has a great rebate policy to reward the customer spending time researching, which helps the closing cost a lot. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a house in Austin / round rock area. ”

J. Zhang@Brushy Creek