I would like to introduce our 2% commission rebate program which is designed specifically to help buyers who are looking to buy new homes from builders in Austin and surrounding area:

♦2% of the purchase price will be rebate to buyer from the commission. If builder commission is 3%, buyer will receive 2% as rebate guaranteed. If builder commission is more than 3%, I will split the extra commission with buyer.

♦A letter from broker to authorize the commission rebate will be provided before the contract is accepted by the builder. And this letter can become part of the executed contract.

♦The rebate could be used towards to closing cost, prepaid items, upgrades, and design center. The rebate can also be used for purchase price reduction.

♦I will assist buyers on offer negotiation, contract preparation, mortgage application, and closing.

Reduce your cost by using me as your agent and get 2% commission rebate. All the credit will be on the closing statement. It is perfectly legal and allowed by the government regulation.

2% commission rebate for builder new construction homes


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